A blind stray kitten was taken care of by a caring mother dog

This story happened in the States. A woman came to her relative’s house to help her finish the renovation. While working, the woman heard a squeak that came from the garden. The sound was very quiet, but the woman still went to check where it was coming from. It turned out that it was a tiny kitten that was sitting in the bushes in the garden. The kitten was so small that he didn’t even have time to open his eyes.

The woman did not touch the baby, she was sure that soon his mother would come for him. Several hours passed, the kitten was crying from hunger, and the mother cat did not return.

The women realized that now the fate of the baby is in their hands, so they brought him to the house, where he gradually warmed up. A dog named Rocky lived in the house, she recently became a mother. The owner of the dog was afraid that in an attempt to protect her children, Rocky would show aggression towards the kitten, but it turned out that she was wrong.

Feeding her puppies, Rocky constantly looked at the kitten. As it turned out, the dog is not the first time to act as a foster mother, she has already helped feed a guinea pig and a newborn rabbit, so she decided to help the kitten as well.

Rocky adopted someone else’s baby, she fed and warmed him. The owner of the dog shared a touching photo of the foster mother and her ward on the network.

A few weeks later, both the puppies and the kitten grew up and got stronger, they all play and sleep together. The kitten is the smallest of all Rocky’s children, so she is especially attentive and gentle to him.

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