After 10 years, the mother goes to the abandoned home where she had left her 1-year-old child and finds something that causes her to sob.

The tragedy occurred more than ten years ago, but Yaroslavl’s residents will never forget it.

But it all began when a neighboring neighbor overheard a baby sobbing. He carried on with the tasks he had to complete that day without giving it any thought. But the infant persisted in sobbing the next day. The sobbing was coming from a residence, but no neighbor saw anyone inside, and the lights were never on, not even in the evening.

However, the neighbors began to worry at that point and they called the police. When they arrived, the house was entirely deserted when they went inside. The inhabitants had removed everything and vanished. Their child was the only thing they had abandoned.

It was obvious from the filthy floor where the one-year-old daughter was discovered that she had been there for a few days. A thorough investigation revealed that the girl’s name was Liza Verbitskaya, and although it appeared that her parents had died, no one had been able to locate them.

Liza was rushed to the hospital, where she made a quick recovery. Inna Nika was caring for her ailing son at the same hospital; her mother sat by his bedside day and night. One day, however, she heard a scream coming from the adjacent room and went to investigate. When she met Liza, she felt a maternal urge to care for and shield her. After that, Inna visited Liza every day and brought her food, clothes, and toys. When Inna went to see the child one day, she realized that she wasn’t in her hospital room anymore. She later learned that the child had been sent to an orphanage. She visited the orphanage to view her as well, but she quickly realized that she had to adopt her!

Liza was two years old, still unable to chew, terrified, and unable to withstand loud noises when the adoption paperwork was finalized. Liza’s skin tone was darker as a child than that of her family members, but now she is stunning. She started modeling, and as a result of her success, she gained notoriety throughout Russia. When they saw her win more talent competitions as a teenager, those who had previously made fun of the way she appeared bit their tongues.

Her biological mother attempted to get in touch with her once she rose to fame, but was denied access. Though Liza now has the woman’s phone number, she isn’t sure if she wants to meet the person who left her a message. Our admiration is due to Inna, an adoptive mother who ended up saving the life of this abandoned child despite having such a unique fate!

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