Disappeared 2 days earlier, a dog trapped on a muddy island is desperately waiting for help

1 day and 6 p.m. Louie, a Boston Terrier, spent away from his owners after he vanished and got stuck on a tiny pile of dirt and mud in the middle of a pond. The dog finally got located, all that remained was to rescue him and bring him back to dry land, near his family.

After nearly 2 days of anguish, a lost dog was located and then rescued from being trapped in the middle of a body of water, Boston.com reported. Louie is a one year old Boston Terrier. His family lives in Tewksbury in the state of Massachusetts (northeastern United States).

His owners noted his disappearance on Saturday October 29, 2022. They started looking for him, but had no news of the quadruped. The more time passed, the more concern grew within his family.

His owners appealed for help on Facebook. In the publication, Louie’s owner specified that the dog was “friendly and certainly terrified”. He added that the brother of the Boston Terrier, from the same litter, cried incessantly since his disappearance and that the family was “devastated”.

Louie remained desperately nowhere to be found despite the tireless efforts of its owners. There was finally something new on Monday, October 31; a resident contacted local authorities to alert them to the presence of a dog on a tiny muddy islet in the middle of a pond.

A testimony that would lead to the rescue of Louie, since it was indeed him that it was about. The Tewksbury fire department and animal control department were mobilized to rescue the canine. They reached him by means of a small boat, recovered and then brought back to the shore, where his family was waiting for him.

“I had no idea there were so many dedicated people helping to reunite pets and their families. I will never forget it,” Louie’s master wrote on Facebook.

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