Comedian Guillaume Bats, who suffered from brittle bone disease, died at the age of 36

We learned early this morning of the death of comedian Guillaume Bats, who passed away at the age of 36.

French humor is in mourning!

Comedian Guillaume Bats, suffering from brittle bone disease, died on Thursday June 1 at the age of 36.

It was his “Dark Smile” production box that announced the sad news on the facebook page of the comedian from Champagne-Ardenne.

“ It is with the deepest sadness that we announce the death this Thursday, June 1, of Guillaume Bats, our great friend and brother in heart and on stage. All the people close to him that we were able to identify have been notified, we apologize in advance for anyone who learns of it through this message. We found it important for him and for his memory that this did not happen first through the press , ”we can read on the publication.

” The event being recent, we do not yet have all the details relating to his funeral, and do not yet know the cause of this tragic event. We do not have the words but a huge void is already present in our hearts , ”says the production company.

The premature death of Guillaume Bats comes as he was currently presenting his brand new show entitled “ Inchallah” , everywhere in France.

Comedian Guillaume Bats is dead
Born on April 14, 1987 in Reims (Marne), Guillaume Batreau (his real name) was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic condition more commonly known as ” glass bone disease “.

His parents place him at the DDASS when he is only one year old, thus separating him from his twin brother (false) who does not suffer from any pathology. He remains in the fold of public assistance until the age of 4 before being placed in an orphanage, which takes care of him during the week, while being entrusted to a foster family at the weekend. .

At the age of 7, he was permanently welcomed into this family but had to leave it two years later. After being tossed to the right and left, he will finally land, at 11, with a lady of a certain age who already has grown children.

The latter – whom he considered his “ heart mother ” who “ always believed in (him) ” – will then raise him to his majority.

It was as a teenager that he discovered the stage by playing in amateur theater shows, notably at the MJF in Montmirail (Marne). In 2007, at the age of 20, he obtained his literary Baccalaureate and then decided to leave for Paris to pursue higher education at the Sorbonne.

In the capital, he began to write his first sketches while continuing his studies. Quickly spotted, he opened for several renowned comedians, including Jean-Marie Bigard, Anthony Kavanagh, Éric Antoine, the Count of Bouderbala and especially Jérémy Ferrari, with whom he became friends.

The two comedians will not stop collaborating from 2014. Guillaume Bats alternating most often between his own show dates and the first parts of his friend.

It is with the latter that he had co-written his first one man show “Hors cadre” (2018), but also his last show called “Inchallah”, whose tour had just started.

Above all, Guillaume Bats will leave the image of a humorist full of self-mockery and who will have changed mentalities on the delicate and sometimes taboo subject of disability.

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