3 months after his serious accident, Jeremy Renner reveals images of his first steps on a treadmill

After several months without news, Jeremy Renner has shared information on his state of health. The actor seems on the road to recovery because three months after his serious accident, he is starting to walk again.

Jeremy Renner seems to be recovering from his serious accident little by little. As a reminder, the star actor of Avengers was crushed by his snow plow, heavy of several tons, on January 1st. A serious accident which earned him multiple fractures and more than 30 broken bones. Placed in the intensive care unit, Jeremy Renner underwent multiple surgeries and finally returned home on January 16.

Since then, the actor regularly shares news of his state of health on Instagram. The last post on this subject dated January 21, where we could see Jeremy Renner in the middle of a rehabilitation session.

Jeremy Renner has been walking since his accident
This Sunday, March 26, the actor posted a new video on social networks. On the road to recovery, he walks for the first time since his accident. On a video posted on Twitter, we can indeed see him walking on a treadmill during a physiotherapy session.

“It’s time for my body to rest and recover,” the actor captioned his video.

This “anti-gravity” treadmill is designed to help Jeremy Renner not strain his legs, which are still very fragile. The mat supports him by taking away some of his body weight. If the path is still long for the actor, these images prove that his recovery is on the right track.

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