After a complaint from the SPA, a man who mistreated then abandoned his dog was sentenced
A resident of Bouches-du-Rhône was to appear for acts of abuse on his dog reported last February, but he was absent in court. He was nevertheless sentenced to
A visually impaired cat wakes up his deaf fellow: so warm and moving
A cat with deafness can count on the unfailing support of his friend, another cat with a disability too. The latter is visually impaired and has made it
News from Nala the “globetrotter” cat: she is now aiming for a world record
Nala never stops being talked about. This cat taken in by a Scottish adventurer and cyclist has become a star on social networks. She even inspired a children’s
A cat and her 7 babies were abandoned in a dumpster at a construction site in poor condition
A cat and her offspring were cowardly abandoned before being rescued in time by good Samaritans. After medical care delivered 24 hours a day in a foster family,
High-risk rescue operation to rescue a female dog who fell between rocks threatening to collapse
The young dog went through a difficult ordeal which fortunately ended well thanks to the relentless efforts of the rescuers. Her masters were extremely relieved to see her
Allison Appleby is the first woman to be crowned Miss with her service dog by her side
This is a big first! A woman with a disability was voted Miss Dallas Teen USA with her dog named Brady in attendance at the pageant. A great
A young dog impales himself on a stick during a game and must undergo surgery urgently
Yoshi will probably be wary of sticks from now on. During a walk with congeners, the unfortunate was seriously injured, so that his life was in danger. Fortunately,
Disappeared in the woods during a walk, a dog triggers an incessant search for 40 days
For more than a month, Brady had left a huge void in his owners’ lives. This dog, who disappeared when he had been entrusted to their parents, remained
After 5 years spent in a shelter, this dog who was formerly mistreated finally has the right to happiness
Albie, by his nickname, had a hard past and was then abandoned. Unfortunately, he had to wait 5 long years before finally meeting his new perfect mistress. Today,
This 3-Legged Cat Who Suffered From Bombings In Ukraine Is Now Enjoying His Best Life In England
Rocket was abandoned by its former owners in the combat zone in Ukraine. Fortunately, Wendy Lloyd, then on a humanitarian mission, rescued him and brought him home to