Veronica Castro, 70 years old, the actress from the television series ‘Wild Rose,’ has changed to the point of being unrecognizable.”

When the Mexican series ‘Wild Rose’ hit the screens in 1994, many viewers were glued to their screens, following the lives of the film’s characters.”

The fate of the beautiful Veronica Castro was followed with enthusiasm. Older viewers sympathized with her, while young girls looked up to her as an example, and boys bought posters with her photos to hang on their bedroom walls.”

At the age of 69 today, many remember her as a young girl. It’s unlikely that those who didn’t follow the star’s journey will recognize this adult woman as the young beauty with blue eyes and curly hair.”

“Veronica is fiercely against natural aging. She fights against nature by all means and tries to preserve her youth. In recent years, she has undergone several plastic surgeries that have significantly changed her appearance.”

She remains highly popular in her home country and across Latin American nations. Castro is a renowned television presenter, singer, producer, and entrepreneur. The actress owns her own beauty salon and a boutique, and she also produces cosmetics.”

Veronica was born and raised in a poor family. She managed to escape the dire poverty through her own efforts, without anyone’s help. Our heroine was born in Mexico. When her mother gave birth to her fourth child, her father left the family, realizing he couldn’t provide for such a large family.”

Castro remembers a difficult childhood where she wore worn-out and ridiculous clothes and was the subject of ridicule from her classmates. She was also constantly given unpleasant nicknames due to her weight. This toughened the young girl’s character, and she decided to change her destiny: at the age of 12, Veronica won her first beauty contest.

She enrolled in a theater academy, received a scholarship, appeared nude on the cover of a Mexican magazine, and earned money for the first time.

Producers and directors took notice, and the Mexican actress became a true sex symbol.”

Looking at her figure, it’s hard to believe that the actress is around 70 years old. And when she posts new photos on social media, she doesn’t forget to use filters.”

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