The 45-year-old mother has seven children and is often confused with her eldest daughter: and here is her secret

Jessica Enslow lives in the United States, in Utah. She gave birth to her first child at 19.

When the young woman discovered that she could no longer wear her jeans because of being overweight, she was very shocked.

But 25 years have passed during which Jessica gave birth to 6 more children and today she is a very fit woman.

Looking at Anslow’s Instagram account, the 45-year-old is mistaken for a carefree young girl.

Jessica’s quarter-decade fitness journey has been filled with trial, success, and error: diets, fad trainers, celebrity workout videos, and even periods of fasting.

Today, her eldest daughter is already 24 years old, and Jessica is often confused with her daughter.

Before giving birth to her fifth child, Anslow worked as a nurse and now she is a social media fitness blogger.

Her goal was never to look perfect on Instagram.

“Instagram is a fun thing because you want to be real, but you know people react to completely different photos,” she says.

And the woman is still struggling to find the balance on Instagram between the glossy cover everyone prefers and the not-so-photogenic reality.

But Jessica is happy to receive messages from women who say she inspires them.

After the birth of her fifth child, Anslow no longer trained in the gym for hours, but only three days a week in her house.

There, according to her, the lighting is perfect for Instagram.

“I’m no longer in the gym five to six hours a day.

So I can be close to my children and spend time with them,” says Jessica.

Jessica Anslow says there’s one thing that drives her the most: her fans help her stay accountable.

“When I step back, I think I don’t want to disappoint people. They help me stay on track,” she says.

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