Get to Know the Dentist Who Gave Up His Good Work to Save Stray Dogs

In some cases, having compassion for animals and making ethical decisions can lead to life-changing outcomes for the individual.

So it was with this kind-hearted gentleman.

Crete, despite its beauty, has not been immune to the ripple effects of the global financial crisis.

Locals traded their livestock in hopes of finding their own livelihood. As a result, stray animals began returning in large numbers around the island.

Luckily, a dentist was out of town at the time of the incident and observed everything.

This inspired him to take action after seeing so many abandoned animals. He and his friends fed the animals.

They erected a shelter for themselves in a 35 kilometer long olive grove and nicknamed it “Takkis Shelter”.

Here, the animals are comfortable and happy. Having worked as a dentist for many years, the guy decided to start his own business because he was driven by his spirit.

However, only a few close friends lent a helping hand to this worthy enterprise. This should serve as a wake-up call for many people.

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