“I’m in it for life!” Monica Bellucci wears an extremely high-slit skirt for a luxury magazine.

The 58-year-old cinema star becomes the heroine of an edition of Elle Italia. Monica poses in front of photographer Nico Bustos’ lens. Stylist Daria Di Gennaro has chosen outfits that highlight the beauty of the artist.

She wears a fitted jacket and flared pants. Her hair flows freely. Makeup artist Letizia Carnevale opts for subtle makeup for Monica’s face. In an interview with the publication, Monica reveals that she has always loved living an active life. However, the birth of her daughters, Virgo and Leonie, prompted her to take a break. “I loved what I was doing, but I was doing one film after another, commercials, appearances at festivals… At some point, I felt the need to stop, to experience something more intense,” the artist shares.

According to Monica, each individual is born with their own reserve of energy. However, it’s crucial to preserve it even when it overwhelms us. “When we are young, we have this innocence, this audacity that allows us to climb mountains, and it’s beautiful. In hindsight, I thank my parents for understanding my need for freedom. Between 14 and 18 years old, a rather special period, I was very free, and it was important to me because I wanted to grow up quickly,” shares Bellucci.

She is delighted with the success of her eldest daughter, Virgo, as she takes confident steps in the world of fashion. The young girl is currently engrossed in the filming of a remake of the TV series “Leopard.”

She auditioned and landed the role of Angelica, previously played by Claudia Cardinale. Recently, in Hollywood, the phenomenon of “nepo-babies” – the famous children of celebrities – is being discussed. According to Monica, there is a growing demand for the heirs of stars.

Monica is committed to taking care of her daughters. Leonie is now 13 years old and needs an attentive mother. The young girl travels and works a lot, but Bellucci keeps a watchful eye on her. At the same time, the actress does not let fear for herself and her loved ones take over. “We, as women, are sometimes conditioned to be afraid. We should not be afraid; we should be able to face life,” Monica concludes.

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