Mom With Over 800 Tattoos Called A Freak – Struggles To Secure Job As Businesses Won’t Hire Her

A mother’s two adored children continue to look up to her as a role model despite her peers calling her a “freak.” There is no innate flaw in a woman’s appearance. Instead, she is covered head to toe in “prison-style” tattoos and refuses to stop getting more ink, claiming she is a drug addict despite her inability to find a job and the verbal abuse she suffers every time she leaves the house. Read on to find out how this mother exemplifies good parenting to her children. Melissa Sloan, 46, is a Welsh girl who has had a love/hate relationship with a tattoo gun for 26 years. Since the age of twenty, she has collected tattoos. Now that Sloan has accepted that she is socially excluded, she is well aware that the more successful she becomes, the more difficult her life will be. “It’s like when you have one [cigarette] or one drink, you become addicted. I can’t stop it now, it’s addictive, for me at least. I just can’t stop it,” said Sloan, adding that since tattoo parlors started turning her away because she’s “beyond help,” she got her own kit.

She continued: “I carry the [tattoo] gun with me in the trunk, I’ll take one in the car or anywhere.” Sloan continues to have her partner give her three “jail-style tattoos” every week, despite the fact that she is unable to find gainful employment due to the copious ink covering her body and face . She has around 800 inks on her body. Sloan said she once cleaned toilets for a living, but now rejects similar work. “I can’t find a job. They won’t have me. I applied for a job as a toilet cleaner where I live and they didn’t take me because of my tattoos… People say I’ve never had a job in my life, I have had one once and it didn’t last long. She continued: “But if someone offered me a job tomorrow, I would go to work and accept that offer.” Sloan claims that she is treated like an outcast since she is unable to get a job and that every time she leaves her house she is subjected to verbal attacks and mockery, as well as others pointing at her. finger and looking at her. “Worse, the more I have, the more they think I’m a monster.

They get out of the way and I’m like, ‘why are you doing that?’ It’s horrible,” she said. “I expected this in life, I can’t fit in with people because I like being myself and I will always be myself.” Sloan also claims she has been unable to attend school events that her two young children, ages 8 and 10, could attend. Even that can’t deter her. “The kids say, ‘Mommy, they’re looking at you,’ and I say, ‘Don’t pay attention to them,'” the body art enthusiast said, adding that her children felt negative attitudes towards her. “They say that my children will run away when they are older, it’s heartbreaking. » Sloan’s children already love body art, and she likely influenced and encouraged them to use her as a model.

“They got some on their arms last night, they have school so they’re going to have to take them off,” Sloan said, about allowing children to have temporary tattoos, with promises of permanent art in the future. “I tell them they’ll get better ones when they’re older.” Before she started getting tattoos, she was just a regular Jane. She uploaded photos to Instagram showing her face before getting the tattoo. If you knew her then, you might not recognize her today. While tasteful tattoos are perfectly acceptable, some people go too far. Current trend: No one should ever pass judgment, but we can understand why businesses might be hesitant to have her represented. We pray that this woman’s children will learn from her mistakes and never feel like strangers themselves. Please SHARE this article with your family and friends!

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