Orangutan travels on golf carts

Nothing out of the ordinary, just an orangutan operating the golf course’s transportation vehicle.

This video was recorded in Dubai at Sheikha Fatima Rashed Al Maktoum’s menagerie, a collection of exotic creatures held in captivity for display. Sheikha Fatima Rashed Al Maktoum is the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s prime minister.

Rambo is the name of the orangutan in this video. There aren’t many specifics on Rambo that we can locate (such as his age or how he ended up in this zoo).

One of the simplest vehicles to drive is a golf cart. But not everyone can operate a vehicle, just like not everyone can ride a bicycle. People use them to get about a neighborhood or a gated community, aside from on golf courses.

While seeing a zookeeper driving a golf cart around is commonplace, it’s uncommon to see an orangutan doing the same.

Undoubtedly one of the most calming videos you’ll see today.

In the footage, the orangutan repeatedly looks the filmmaker in the eye. But he simply ignores the cameraman, as if to say, “It’s just my daily life!”

Throughout the entire video, the orangutan exudes a “cool man” attitude with the wind in his hair.

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