A grandma who has tattoos all over her body shows everyone what she looked like ten years ago

Many people enjoy getting tattoos to show off their unique style. But not everyone likes it. Kerstin Tristan used to be one of those people who didn’t like tattoos at all. She is 56 years old, mother and grandmother. But in 2015 something happened that changed her mind. Although many tattoos can be expensive, Kerstin decided to cover her entire body with them. Before 2015, she actually hated tattoos. But this year she had her first one, and it completely changed her outlook on it. “I just wanted to try something new. We only live once and I felt I should do something real at my age,” she said. Since 2015, she has spent around 30,000 euros (approximately $32,000) just on tattoos for her body.

Luckily, many people love and appreciate what she did. She is quite popular on social media. She is followed by more than 190,000 people on Instagram and her videos on TikTok have millions of views. She is not shy about showing what she looks like. She shares pictures on Instagram in which you can see her entire tattooed body. But if you look back just ten years, she had no tattoos and looked very different. Sometimes she even posts pictures to show what she looked like before and after getting tattoos. The Germany-based influencer has images of vibrant roses on her legs, a leopard-print tattoo on her shoulders, and several detailed portraits on her arms.

These tattoos are among dozens more across her body. She loves how she looks now, saying, “When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a beautiful meadow full of flowers to love.” And she’s not the only one who loves the way she looks. One fan wrote: “A beautiful piece of art.” Another wrote: “Wow, impressive photo.” If you liked this article, you might like the story of Melanie Griffith’s tattoo for Antonio Banderas and shocking look today, almost a decade after her divorce. Expressing yourself is not something that should end with age. If anything, Kerstin is a wonderful example of how age shouldn’t dictate how you express yourself to the world. What do you think of her tattoos? Let us know in the comments. Share this with your friends and family to inspire them to live authentically!

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