“Why is she screaming?” : Cristina Cordula strongly criticized after her appearance on Dancing with the Stars

This Friday, February 16, Cristina Cordula is the first to launch into Dancing with the Stars with Jordan Mouillerac, her dance partner. On social networks, many Internet users noticed that the fashion popess screamed every time she spoke… It’s the big night ! This Friday, February 16, TF1 is broadcasting the launch bonus for Dancing with the Stars. And this evening, it was Cristina Cordula who launched the hostilities. In her portrait, the Brazilian explained that she had started above all to make her son proud. “He’s the one who gave me the courage to do it! I was telling my son, ‘Enzo, I don’t think so, it’s a lot of time and practice, I have a lot of things to do, and physically too…’ He told me ‘but mom, take it as if you were doing the gym every day'”, she confided during the press conference dedicated to the show.

But a few days after the start of rehearsals, Cristina Cordula began to feel the difficulty of this competition. On her Instagram account, the former Queen of Shopping explained on February 9 that she was “happy” to have Jordan Mouillerac to help her hold back her steps and support her. “I knew it was physical, but here I am suffering in my skin. It’s very difficult. I was given the most difficult dance there is for my first bonus with a super-difficult song “, she added. Cristina Cordula’s cries annoy Internet users This evening, Frédéric Cassin’s wife showed what she was capable of, by performing a Samba to Beyoncé’s song Crazy in Love. If the judges were lenient for this first bonus, which is not eliminatory, Internet users were less tender with the 59-year-old participant. If her dance steps don’t seem to have bothered them, the former model’s noise level did.

When Enzo’s mother discovered that Jordan Mouillerac would be his dance partner, the young woman simply screamed in the street. Then, the same story at the very end of his performance. Taken by a surge of love, Cristina Cordula shouted “thank you the public!”, which must have broken Camille Combal’s eardrums. “Why is she screaming Christina Cordula xD”, asked a user. “Cristina Cordula already gave me a headache from yelling like that,” said another. It’s going to be a long evening.

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