An exceptionally beautiful violin melody with Arabic motifs! It’s very beautiful, very creative and so artistic.

An exceptionally beautiful violin melody with Arabic motifs!

Monophonic singing with choral, instrumental, or rhythmic accompaniment, or dancing to instrumental playing, was especially popular.

The fundamental difference between Arab professional music and the musical creativity of other highly developed national cultures lies in its secular nature (the glorification of love, of nature, of the joys of earthly life), in contrast to the worship of Byzantine art.

The main idea on which the video was built was mainly the rhythm because the music had already been written for a dancer in a club where Hanine played the Arabic violin.

Hearing it, Hanine decided to modify some of its elements, marking a transition between pure dance rhythms and a more musical and oriental, violin-oriented piece.

And if the Arabic violin has, since time immemorial, been associated with sadness and relatively dark thoughts, she has sought to modify it and end the stereotype by creating livelier and more joyful rhythms that can appeal to different audiences.

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