A golden retriever travels 60 km in 27 days to find his owners who got rid of him

In Northern Ireland, a dog escaped from his new home and traveled more than 60 kilometers in 27 days to return to his former owners who had gotten rid of him.

Cooper is an adorable golden retriever who has just had an extraordinary adventure. This beige doggie traveled 64 kilometers in 27 days to find his former owners who had no hesitation in getting rid of him.

As reported by the Irish Mirror, the hairball was abandoned by its owners in an animal shelter located in Dungannon, Northern Ireland . The quadruped was quickly adopted by a resident of the city, who already had a female golden retriever.

But when the new owner, a certain Nigel, brought him home for the first time on April 1, Cooper fled minutes after his arrival: “It was a disaster . The poor boy had no idea where he was. I tried to chase him, but he disappeared very quickly ,” Nigel told the news site.

Faced with this situation, the latter turned to the organization Lost Paws NI, whose main mission is to find missing pets.

The dog travels 60 km to find its former masters
Miraculously, Cooper was found safe and sound on April 27…more than forty kilometers as the crow flies from his new home. The canine traveled 64 kilometers in 27 days to join the family that had abandoned him.

During its journey, the animal crossed country roads, fields and woods before landing in the town of Tobermore. The Lost Paws NI spokesperson said it was the dog ‘s instincts that brought him ” to a place he was familiar with “.

“ Cooper is a smart dog. How he did it, I’ll never know, but he did . No food, no shelter, no help, just dogged determination and that incredible flair .”

Today, Cooper is recovering his strength from his adoptive dad.

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