Too Much Plastic Surgery: Tom Cruise is Now Unlikely to be Considered a Standard of Beauty

Tom Cruise is unlikely to ever again hear questions about the secret of eternal youth. A couple of years ago, the actor delighted everyone with his unfading beauty. And today shocks the public with his radically changed appearance.

The screen star denies that he underwent surgery or did procedures at the beautician. Unwillingness to confess to plastic surgery, fans easily forgave such a macho. But now, fans are sounding the alarm: manipulations with his face have literally disfigured the artist.

Last fall, it was evident that Cruise had overdone it with plastic procedures when he appeared at a baseball game and was captured by photojournalists.

The resulting pictures spread around the world, showing the Hollywood star having aged dramatically, with his face looking swollen and unnatural.

Unfortunately, the new pictures of the celebrity, taken in the United States, are no better. In them, the artist again looks far from being considered the ideal of beauty.

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