A prankster whale snuck behind a boat full of tourists who were looking in the wrong direction

In Mexico, tourists were looking for whales to observe on a boat. As they watched in the distance, one of them snuck up behind the ship and took them by surprise.

In the lagoon of San Ignacio, Mexico, a group of whale watchers explored aboard a small boat. They were all looking in the same direction to try to spot whales and stood ready, scanning the horizon with their cameras on.

As they watched in the distance, a whale snuck around the back of the boat, until it landed behind the tourists. Since they weren’t looking in the right direction, the animal managed to sneak up on the boat undetected.

Eventually, the group turned around just as the whale was about to dive to the bottom of the ocean. Just in time, tourists were able to see this majestic animal for a few seconds. A real celebratory scene took place on the boat, and the spectators let out many shouts of joy as well as laughter.

Photos of this funny scene were taken on board another ship which was close to the boat.

“The whale slowly and silently raised its head above the water to look around. I was in another boat a few blocks away and caught the moment just before everyone realized she was that close,” said Eric Smith, a tourist who came from Los Angeles to watch the whales. .

Thanks to the photos, this scene has been perfectly immortalized since we can see the surprise of the group of tourists who discover the whale hidden at the back of the boat.

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