The judges jumped out of their chairs when this guy sang! They were shocked to learn of his physical defect

A guy with a perfect voice and appearance, but with a flaw… He impressed the judges with a classy timbre and shocked with a physical flaw.

Harrison Craig conquers all with his rendition of Josh Groban’s “Broken Vow” for his blind audition.

Harrison is a great performer. And when he smiles? Shit !! It’s like he’s spreading the light․

Legendary performance here!

He is magnificent, with the voice of an angel and the manners of a gentleman. How not to love it? And his brother… the love he has for him. People like that make me want to live on this planet.

What is his problem?

His problem is that he has trouble pronouncing words and speaks with a stutter

But he’s still wonderful, isn’t he?

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