The dog got an injury when courageously defending her mistress against a cougar

Although quickly taken care of by veterinarians, Eva’s state of health still raised some concerns after being injured by a puma. The dog had fought against the latter because he was attacking his mistress. How is the canine doing, more than a week after the attack?

This is the heroic dog called Eva, who had defended her owner against a cougar during a walk in Trinity, California.

Erin Wilson, 24, and her 4-legged friend Eva were walking quietly along a river on May 16 when the wild feline targeted the young woman. The female Belgian Shepherd Malinois then intervened at the risk of her life.

The 2 and a half year old dog and the feline fought harshly. The latter only let go after Erin Wilson and another passing woman, Sharon Houston, used a tire iron, a PVC tube and a tear gas canister.

If the mistress of the Malinois had come out with minor injuries, Eva was seriously affected. She suffered from 2 skull fractures and a perforation of the nasal cavity. She had also been hurt in the left eye.

Taken to the veterinary emergency room, she had several crises after the attack, according to Connor Kenny, the husband of Erin Wilson. A kitty had been opened online to pay for his care.

Erin Wilson spoke recently about the incident and especially Eva’s courage. “I could never live up to his incredible loyalty to me,” she said of her dog.

News of the Malinois were also given on the Instagram account dedicated to her. And they are reassuring. “Eva is fine,” we can read on a post dating from Monday, May 23, “She rests a lot and she has a big appetite.”

We also learn that the couple had to temporarily separate her from her sister Mishka, because the latter wants to play with her while Eva needs as much rest and peace of mind as possible. When she is fully recovered, the duo will be able to meet again.

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