This brave woman took the risk of marrying a single father of six children

Anton raised his six children on his own. A few years ago the young man had lost his wife who had an incurable disease.

At first, the spouses had three little ones, but after the triplets were born, the woman’s affection progressed, and she left this world.

Anton had to take care of his six children.

After the loss of his wife, Anton appeared with his children on a TV show, where he told how he cared for his little ones.

After the broadcast, the widower began to receive messages from several women offering to help.

And among them, there were those who would rather become his wife and take care of his children.

But the man preferred to be left alone. Still, there was a beautiful woman with a kind heart, who won Anton’s heart.

Her name was Luda and she had a son. After corresponding for a few months, they decided to meet.

Anton went to the meeting with his children.

The little ones really liked their future mother-in-law, who became a real mother for them.

Anton and Luda got married without wasting time. And Luda’s son became the children’s eldest brother.

Luda confessed that especially at first it was difficult to take care of so many children, but the generous wife managed to overcome all these difficulties, of course, with the help of her husband.

Then, in their family, an incredible event occurred.

The large family was supplemented by two children from the orphanage whose parents were deprived of their parental authority.

Now the big happy family lived in a bigger house.

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