A woman stops Sable from becoming someone’s accessory and decides to give her a loving home

One day, Zhenya was searching the Internet when she came across a photo of a wild sable and immediately fell in love. Sable, whose silky hairs are among the most sought after and expensive in the world, was the next to be culled at a fur farm in Russia.

Zhenya fanned out to save the beautiful creature, speaking to Bored Panda, she said, “In the end, I learned that there was a chance to buy her back from a fur farm. She would definitely have died there, so I chose to save the little guy.

She called the Sabel Umora and it didn’t take long before the couple warmed up and started living life to the fullest. “Umora has a difficult personality. Staying in the fur farm really cost her a lot, so she is quite emotional, sometimes also a bit hysterical.

“Umora is also a really playful pet — she’s cheeky and likes to steal things. She is also very active and intelligent.

Zhenya has worked very hard to be able to keep her unique pet, and would advise against even keeping one as a pet. “You have to go through a lot before you can start living comfortably with it,” she said.

“It takes a lot of time and patience. It may even take you several years to start enjoying your life with it.

Sables are rarely kept as pets and are normally found in burrows and banks of dense forest areas. It is usually found searching for prey at dusk. although they can be seen in daylight during their breeding season.

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