She was the envy of everyone.” How the girl who resembles the world’s most famous doll has changed over the years.

This young girl sparked envy in many, especially mothers who wished their daughters could resemble her even a little. A true mini-miss, she gained immense popularity due to her unusual doll-like appearance. One might think her life was idyllic, but that wasn’t the case; the young girl doesn’t even want to remember her childhood…

Her name is Eden Wood, born in 2005 in the United States. At just fourteen months old, she had already participated in her first beauty pageant. At that time, she had just taken her first steps and hadn’t even learned to speak yet.

Eden’s mother believed she had a bright future in modeling, and she was right, as the young girl won no less than 300 pageants. However, at the age of six, she finally ended her career.

Mickey Wood, Eden’s mother, personally handled her daughter’s makeup and hairstyles. She also managed all her income and expenses, as Eden was still a baby and couldn’t do it on her own, of course. It appears that money had become the primary focus for the mother, rather than her daughter’s happiness.

People began to notice that the young girl had become hyperactive, and red spots were visible on her face and neck. Eventually, it was discovered that her mother was giving her energy drinks and supplements to help her keep up with her hectic schedule.

The young girl grew up too quickly. By the age of two, she was wearing heels, visiting a hairstylist and makeup artist, and traveling across the country.

As she grew older, the young girl hasn’t lost any of her beauty. She looks just as stunning without makeup, which makes her natural and gorgeous

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