Wedding Is Stopped By A Voice At The Back Of The Church – Then Bride Turns Around And Bursts Into Tears

It was planned to be a normal wedding. Or, that’s what Tricia and Neil Swan thought when they got married in a church in Kincasslagh, Ireland, on February 3, 2017.

But they didn’t know that their special day would be a treat.

As soon as the couple said their vows, the priest began to sing “How Great Thou Art.”

Out of the blue, someone called out from the back of the church. When the bride turned around, she saw that a guy had stepped up to replace the priest.

Soon, someone else sang a line, and then someone else, and then someone else, and so on. Dozens of singers joined the priest in song before the couple could figure out what was going on.

Just one minute of this game will show you why everyone is hooked.

The surprise moved a lot of people, including the bride and groom, to tears. You’ll get goosebumps right away after watching the movie. So strong!

It’s so good that I could watch it all day!


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