The beauty of mom, the charisma of dad: the look of Brad Pitt’s parents.”

Brad Pitt rarely gives interviews. He doesn’t have an Instagram page. The Hollywood star doesn’t attend prestigious parties and prefers to spend time with his close friends. A special place in Brad Pitt’s life is occupied by his parents.”

The actor was born into a far-from-glamorous family. His father, William Pitt, worked as a director in a shipping company, and his mother, Jane, was a teacher. In an interview, Brad admits that his parents did not approve of his decision to become an actor. When Brad decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream, his mother and father did not support him. Moreover, they withdrew their financial support. It was only with time that his parents came to accept their son’s choice.”

Moreover, William and Jane disapproved of some of their son’s relationships. Jennifer Aniston’s mother, whom Pitt considered an ideal daughter-in-law, failed to establish a relationship with Angelina Jolie.”
Jane immediately knew that Angelina was someone with whom it was very difficult to communicate. Angie never visited Brad’s family in Missouri, and she and Jane would constantly argue during their rare encounters, according to insiders.”


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