An abandoned dog in a deserted house climbs onto the roof to bark for help

A neighbor named Kori, who lives opposite an abandoned house, recently heard a dog barking and howling on the third floor roof.

The dog came out of a broken window and called for help day and night. So the neighbor got help from the community to save the helpless pup.

It turns out that there were three large dogs abandoned inside the house in deplorable conditions.

It is suspected that they were alone in the building for about three weeks. If the only dog ​​hadn’t caught the attention of the neighbors, none of them would have survived.

The three dogs were alone in a house in the Knoxville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

They were very smart and knew they had to get out of there, so a white dog with dark spots started calling for help.

“It was a cry for help,” Kori said. “Anyone who walked past, they’re on the roof, yelling, barking, trying to get someone’s attention just to get out of the house.”

Pittsburgh officer Christine Luffey, who specializes in animal abuse situations, got involved. First, she put a notice on the door.

When no one picked him up, his supervisor agreed that they had to remove the dogs for their safety. When Luffey entered the house, she was appalled at the horrific conditions.

The floors of the house were covered with garbage and animal droppings. There were no water bowls for the dogs and there was only one bag of food, but it was covered in clutter.

There were a few cans of dog food on the second floor, which had chew marks on them. It was clear that the dogs were starving and dehydrated.

After witnessing the unsuitable living space, authorities removed the three dogs from the home. They took them to Humane Animal Rescue in Pittsburgh, where they received food, water and vaccines.

Luffey thanks the neighbors for saving the dog’s life. They saw something upsetting, so they spoke up.

“I’m really happy the dogs are getting treatment and I hope a family will adopt them and love them as much as I learned to love them,” Kori said.

“I am so grateful to Area 3 Officer Luffey, she is amazing and I thank her for doing what she did to get them out of this house.”

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