At 86, he buys a house for the first time and finally brings his dream to life

At the age of 86, a man has just bought his first property: a bungalow equipped with solar panels.

Edward Simon Jones (or Simon for short) is an 86-year-old retiree. Recently, the latter succeeded in realizing his dearest dream: to buy a property.

As the LADBible site states, the Briton spent most of his life on the family farm before moving to a medical facility in Buckley, a community in North East Wales .

“I want to spend the last years of my life in my own house”
The one who always wanted to have his own house took the plunge a few months ago. Indeed, the octogenarian bought a bungalow for the sum of 147,000 pounds, or 165,569 euros.

” I’m so excited to finally have a place of my own,” he said. “I loved Marleyfield (the retirement home, editor’s note), but I want to spend the last years of my life in my own house “.

One thing is almost certain: Simon may have become the oldest person in Wales to buy his first house .

The owner’s niece, one Lynne Palin, said his new start was a huge loss for the care home he left behind.

” At Marleyfield, he was known to be a real character, and a bit of a ladies’ man (…) The establishment’s cat even got into the habit of sleeping with him every night,” she said . .

One thing is certain: his uncle does not regret his decision: “ Simon has always maintained that he wanted to spend the last years of his life in his own house, and he is absolutely delighted to have the keys to his new bungalow ”.

Still according to him, the small building is equipped with solar panels.

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