Couple has 3 sets of twins in 5 years after being told they can’t have kids, they all share the same birthday

Carrie and Craig Kosinski, residents of Overton, Lancashire, generously accepted the request of a long lost family friend to look after their twins. Little did they know this act of kindness would change their lives forever. At first, Carrie and Craig offered temporary custody of the adorable girls, but as the days turned into weeks and months, they realized their hearts were forever connected to these precious twins. Adalynn and Kenna’s births took place on February 28, 2014, via emergency C-section. At three months old, legal custody of the twins was granted to the Kosinskis. Years after raising their adopted twins, Carrie and Craig received an unexpected call from the biological mother.

She revealed that she was dealing with other challenges in her life and asked if they would consider adopting her two youngest children, Cece and J.J., who were also twins. Being biologically related to Adalynn and Kenna, the youngest twins have added a new dimension to the family dynamic. Carrie and Craig, originally from Union Grove, Wisconsin, had to think carefully about their options. Their own struggles with infertility and wanting to keep siblings together weighed heavily on their hearts. Medical complications dashed their hopes of conceiving naturally, leading them to go through the process of adoption. “It was a tough decision. We were trying to conceive ourselves. But they were siblings, so that was definitely part of our consideration — we wanted to keep siblings together,” Carrie explained.

After warmly welcoming Cece and J.J. into their family, Carrie began to experience an unusual feeling and sought medical advice. To her astonishment, an ultrasound confirms her pregnancy, revealing not one, but two fetuses. In the space of five years, the Kosinskis became parents to three sets of twins. Initially overwhelmed, Carrie and Craig recognized the blessing they had been given. Determined to provide a loving and safe home for their six children, they believed their pregnancy was a gift from God. As fate would have it, the birth dates of the other two sets of twins, Karraline and Clarissa, coincided with the existing twins, February 28 and March 1. The astonishing achievement of having three sets of twins left the couple in disbelief, wondering how they would manage. Carrie fondly recalls, “We were like, ‘oh my God, we’re going to have three sets of twins. What are we going to do with ourselves?’ Carrie firmly believes that the synchronicity of all their children sharing the same birthday is a testament to a higher power at work. With faith in their hearts, they embrace the humorous nature of fate. “God certainly has a sense of humor,” Carrie muses.

Raising three sets of twins under one roof presents financial challenges, but the Kosinskis have received overwhelming support from their community. Strangers from across the country have offered financial assistance through crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and AdoptTogether, easing some of the financial burden. An extraordinary journey Despite daily demands and commitments, Carrie’s organizational skills keep their household running smoothly. Each child has a unique personality, bringing joy and adventure into their lives. Carrie and Craig’s unwavering love for all their children remains unchanged. This extraordinary journey brought immeasurable joy to the lives of Carrie and Craig. Watching their beautiful children grow is a profound blessing that they cherish every day. Spread warmth and positivity Craig and Carrie’s compassion and selflessness inspire us all.

Their dedication to raising these children as their own, coupled with the gift of biological children, reminds us that acts of kindness are often rewarded. Let’s come together and share this heartwarming story. By spreading positivity, we can make the world a brighter place. Join us in celebrating the Kosinski family’s remarkable journey on Facebook. In conclusion, the Kosinski family story is a testament to the power of love, faith and the unexpected surprises that life can bring. Their journey from adopting twins to welcoming three sets of twins, including their own biological children, is a remarkable story of resilience and joy. May their story inspire us to embrace the blessings that come our way and spread warmth and positivity to those around us.

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