10 Celebs Who Got Arrested In 2023

If you needed more proof that celebrities can be just as horrible as regular people, breaking laws left and right, well, you’re in luck! We’re only six months into 2023, but there have already been some pretty huge incidents involving celebs getting arrested by the police. The list includes big-time stars like Jonathan Majors, Jay Johnston, and Donald Trump, so this should be fun.

1. Dani Alves

This football star was arrested in January for an alleged sexual assault in a nightclub. At first, Alves denied the accusations but later changed his story multiple times. The athlete tried to wiggle his way out of this but, eventually, Mexico’s Club Universidad Nacional burned his contract, and his spouse left him.

2. Bam Margera

In February 2023, the famous “Jackass” star kicked a random woman thinking it was his partner. The police apprehended Margera after getting a report of his erratic behavior and sending death threats to his brother. The actor was placed on a psychiatric hold in June for threatening his own family and friends.

3. Jay Johnston

Johnston, who voiced Jimmy Pesto on Bob’s Burgers, was arrested in June for civil disorder. This followed his alleged involvement in the United States Capitol Building incident in January 2021, where he was seen by multiple witnesses. The funny thing is that for a while, everyone thought it was someone who looked like Johnston.


4. Haley Pullos

The soap opera star faced legal trouble in April after crashing a car in Pasadena, California. She allegedly swerved into oncoming traffic, severely injuring the other driver. Pullos was arrested for a DUI, and her erratic behavior at the scene led to a scuffle with hospital staff. These events resulted in her being recast on the show and facing a lawsuit from the injured driver. Kind of ironic, considering she was a series regular on General Hospital.


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