A couple adopts a child and when they bring him home, the biological mother sends them a message

The story we want to tell today is circulating on the net and has touched all Internet users. The couple decided to adopt the child and when they finally brought him home, they received a very moving message from the child’s biological mother.A couple adopts a child and when they bring him back home, the biological mother sends them a message.

Let’s find out together what happened. Rachel is a young woman who had to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life: to give her child up for adoption. She didn’t have the opportunity to raise a newborn because her partner decided to leave her.

Fortunately, Rachel managed to convince a couple, who were ready to adopt a child, later called Jeremy. The boy’s adoptive parents decide to adopt Jeremy. When the couple got the chance to hold the baby, they faced a written goodbye from Jeremy’s birth mother.

Jeremy’s birth mother wrote the following to her son’s adoptive parents: “I want him to know, that I love him more than I live. I could give my life in his grace. So goodbye for now, my son.”

Rachel’s moving message manifests how much a mother loves her child. The young woman was rather disinterested, because she preferred to be childless rather than organize a bad life for her.

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