The most wonderful house: everything is made of broken dishes

In France, in Louviers, located in the Normandy region, there is a magnificent place, very interesting. It’s a real masterpiece in the sky that you can admire endlessly.

This place is called House of Broken Dishes or The House of Broken Dishes.

The authors of this magical work are the Vasseur couple. In 1952, the worker Robert Vasseur, and his wife, decided to decorate their whole house with the garden with a mosaic of broken dishes.

At first, Robert wanted to decorate their sink, but later the idea came to them to cover the whole house with ceramics, along with the yard and the garden.

To build such a structure, a large quantity of broken dishes was needed.

And they piled up the worms, the plates, the broken shells of different colors.

Fortunately, many famous and unknown people helped the couple to realize their amazing and fantastic idea.

Many tourists visit this magical place and a spectacular scene opens before their eyes.

The entire surface of the house and its surroundings is covered with broken dishes.

The revolving fountain in the courtyard too. Even the niche and the staircase are mosaicked.

To be able to realize this extraordinary idea, not only a lot of broken dishes were needed, but also a lot of constant effort towards the goal.

The interior of this special house, the walls and the ceilings are also adorned with ceramics.

Unfortunately, the authors of this marvel are no longer alive, but their son keeps and improves on everything his parents created.

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