Like a girl. The 74-year-old star of King Kong was seen in a swimsuit during her vacation.”

“The renowned actress from the famous movie King Kong recently celebrated her 74th birthday, can you believe it? Jessica Lange isn’t rushing to give up her position and seems to display a look that doesn’t exceed 40. Paparazzi managed to capture the cinema star during her vacation. In these photos, the expression of satisfaction is not evident on Jessica’s face, unlike her admirers, who are ecstatic about the blonde’s snapshots.”

How can someone maintain such a look at 74? What do they have on their plate in Hollywood?””Incredibly youthful appearance.””A woman of such elegance. I admire her style and appearance.””Reveal your secret of eternal youth.””There must have been tons of plastic surgery.”I can’t believe she hasn’t had plastic surgery.”

She looks like a young girl.”She can’t be more than 40 years old.”I would sacrifice anything to look like that 74.”

These comments reflect the admiration and enthusiasm of Jessica Lange’s captivated fans, who are impressed by her youthful appearance

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