An irreparably ruined beauty. Internet users were surprised when they saw Basinger after plastic surgery.”

It’s hard to believe that American singer, model, and actress Kim Basinger is about to celebrate her 70th birthday. It seems that the blonde has decided to prolong her youth through plastic surgery, but something has clearly gone wrong. Fans don’t want to believe that Kim has irreversibly altered her appearance through surgeries; however, the new photos of the model speak for themselves.”

Paparazzi have shown Kim in her natural state, revealing the star’s new face on social media. These images spread across the internet like wildfire, and Kim withdrew from public view, isolating herself on her property. It seems that the model had an encounter with an incompetent surgeon who only made the situation worse. ‘What happened to Kim?'”

She simply looks like Mickey Rourke,” “What a way to ruin yourself as you age,” “Kim, what have you done?”, “Beauty is clearly a thing of the past

It’s sad to see aging stars who have ruined themselves like this,” I read under the new photos of Kim.

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