A poor man who offers a bus ticket to a mother of three found a reward on his doorstep

An elderly pensioner meets a mother of three at a bus stop. He makes a surprising sacrifice and receives an unexpected reward for his kindness. Donald was 79, and on cold mornings he recognized each of those years.

That day, he wanted to do his shopping in a supermarket located 30 km from his home. It was far, but the prices were good and Donald had a very small pension, so it was worth it. Ellen took the sign and got on the bus, trying to keep Mike and Ricky in line.

Donald watched them leave and went home. He went into the kitchen and looked at the empty pantry. He had to make do with what little he had, but the sacrifice to help an exhausted young mother was worth it. She opened the last can of soup and sat down to eat, watching reruns of her favorite 80s series. Then she fell asleep in front of the TV. Later, he woke up to someone ringing his doorbell.

Donald gets up slowly and walks towards the door. He opened it and looked around.

Donald also saw a note attached to the first drawer. He opened it and read: “Dear Donald, thank you for your kindness to me and my children. Please accept this token of my gratitude.”

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