At the zoo the gorilla brings its baby to meet the woman and her baby

This heartwarming incident took place at the City of Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo.

What happened between a gorilla and humans was something surprising and at the same time wonderful.

Several people followed these moving moments and everyone was admired by the behavior of the mother gorilla who began to interact with a family.

It happened when Emily Austin was following the gorillas on the other side of the glass with her husband and one-and-a-half-month-old son in hand.

Emily’s husband, Michel, filmed the captivating moments of the relationship between the gorilla Kiki and his wife with her baby.

When the furry friend saw the little Canyon through the window, he approached the glass to take a closer look.

Kiki already had five children and apparently she was interested in the little ones.

When the gorilla approached the window to get a better view of Canyon, several exclamations were heard.

People were moved and surprised for the fine and sweet bond between the mother gorilla and the human baby.

And everyone was screaming “oh my God”. Kiki stayed for a few minutes looking at the baby with tenderness and love.

Surveying the little Canyon, Kiki picked up her baby Pablo to show Emily.

These were very impressive times for those gathered.

“Emily and I had tears in our eyes and people were saying they had never seen such a fantastic sight,” Michel said in his internet post.

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