An orphaned baby zebra and a rhino calf console and aid one other in healing

The animal kingdom never fails to surprise us with the most unexpected friendships, and the heartwarming bond between a baby zebra and a rhino calf is a perfect example. Daisy, the young rhino, and Modjadji, the baby zebra, reside in the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary located in South Africa, where they found solace and support in each other’s presence.

Their friendship blossomed as they both embarked on their healing journeys at the sanctuary. Modjadji arrived at the ICU of the sanctuary in late November, discovered in a weakened state after enduring harsh storms and heavy rains on the reserve. At just about a week old, Modjadji found comfort and companionship in Daisy, and their connection was instant. As time passed, their bond grew stronger, evolving into a familial relationship.

Growing side by side, the rhino calf and the zebra foal became more resilient and courageous. Their natural curiosity led them to interact with each other, discovering the joys of companionship. Rhinos are social creatures by nature, and Modjadji fulfilled Daisy’s need for companionship with great affection. In a remarkably short period, they became inseparable.

Now, the baby zebra and rhino calf are not only the best of friends but more like family. They cuddle together at night, providing comfort and security to Daisy. Modjadji is a constant companion, offering Daisy unwavering attention throughout the day and night. Their friendship also reduces the need for excessive human contact with Daisy, ensuring a more natural environment for her well-being.

Once Daisy and Modjadji have fully recovered and regained their health, the sanctuary plans to release them back into the wild, where they can join their respective species. Until then, the baby rhino and baby zebra will continue to rely on each other as their own chosen family. Witnessing animals supporting and caring for one another during times of need is truly a beautiful sight. The heart-melting photographs of their cuddling moments are a testament to the incredible bond they share.

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