This street artist creates magnificent trompe-l’oeil works that seem to come to life

At Demotivateur, we often talk to you about street art. This is an opportunity to highlight artists from all walks of life who contribute to sublimating our sometimes dull daily life with works of art. This time, it is the turn of Carlos Alberto, a Mexican artist, to discover the works.

Carlos Alberto is a young artist from Guadalajara, Mexico . His specialty is urban art, which he enjoys reimagining and enhancing. Thanks to drawings that he first made in the form of stencils, Carlos painted the sites of his city.

It can be tourist streets, roads, abandoned walls, meeting places, bars and cafes, and even balconies. At each place where the artist poses his works, a scene comes to life.

Street works with a perfect trompe-l’oeil
Carlos Alberto invents real life scenes with his works. Sometimes also, the Mexican artist stages himself in his paintings. This then results in funny, joyful and comical scenes.

By doing so, he sometimes reminds us of the French artist Scaf , whom we have already mentioned on our site. Just like his Mexican friend, the Frenchman creates perfect scenes that seem to come to life before our eyes, and in which he does not hesitate to stage himself.

Moreover, once the strokes of paint have been applied to Carlos’ works, the artist takes the shot from its best angle. It is indeed a question of highlighting the perfect trompe-l’oeil of his work. The result is successful and stunningly realistic since we readily believe we see marine animals coming out of the bitumen.

Beautiful optical illusions that come to life before our eyes.

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