What do the children of the handsome Til Schweiger, known worldwide, look like?

Til Schweiger is a renowned German actor, made famous through the remarkable film ‘Comme un aimant’ (‘Like a Magnet’). Anyone who hasn’t seen this film is obliged to watch it at least once in their life. Released in 1997, it has become a part of German cinema history.”

The actor is also recognized for his directing talents, responsible for films such as ‘Pieds nus sur les pavés’ (‘Barefoot on Cobblestones’) and ‘Beau’ (‘Handsome’). In some of his projects, he even had the opportunity to share the screen with his own children. If you’ve seen the film ‘Beau,’ you probably remember the little girl from the kindergarten. Well, that was Til Schweiger’s youngest daughter – Emma.”

As for his son, his name is Valentin.

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