After an hour of struggle, he catches a huge catfish 2.7 meters long and over 100 kilos!

In Spain, a British fisherman managed to catch a huge catfish weighing over 100 kilograms. The animal was released.

Recently, a British angler successfully fished out a gargantuan catfish.

Ditch Ballard, 37, was fishing for carp on the bank of the Ebro (Spain) when the 2.7m creature took the bait. Faced with this situation, the 30-year-old jumped into his aluminum boat to try to bring up the fish.

According to him, he witnessed the “ greatest battle of his fishing career ”. It must be said that the catfish dragged his boat for almost a kilometer. Finally, Ditch Ballard managed to fish his catch after a heated fight.“I shot with all I had left”
The Briton had to deal with freezing temperatures: ” I almost lost a finger, because my hands were frozen ,” he told the Daily Mail. ” My body temperature started to drop and I found myself crouching on the bottom of the boat, trying to hold on while shivering uncontrollably .”

Despite the difficult weather conditions, the fisherman did not give up and his patience was rewarded after an hour: “ I saw the head of the catfish on the surface and I grabbed its jaw (…) I needed this battle to end somehow, so I shot with all I had left,” he explained.

The man who runs an angling establishment in Spain then placed his catch on a tarp to weigh it. Result: the catfish weighed more than 100 kilograms.

Once this step was completed, Ditch Ballard released the fish back into the river. As the news site details, he used halibut pellets and corn as bait. One thing is certain: this day will remain etched forever in his memory.

“ I was physically and mentally exhausted, but I did everything to get my prize ”.

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