Very elegant and sensual”: Angelina Jolie in a white dress was photographed in Mexico.

The star of the movie “Séduction” opted for a play of monochromatic shades. She chose a flowing white dress that extended to the floor, underneath which she left aside her undergarments. The actress’s hair flowed freely, styled in graceful waves by the stylists.

The makeup focused on a natural look. Brad Pitt’s former wife posed in harmony with the beauty of Mexico. She stood in the water against a backdrop of picturesque rocks, gazing languidly at the horizon. The photographs were taken by the photographer Herman Larkin.

Fans of the Hollywood diva warmly welcomed this photo shoot for the Mexican version of Elle magazine. Bloggers commented, “Absolutely stunning beauty!”, “Angie shines in this monochromatic palette. It’s a wise choice,” “Thank you for not succumbing to the constant nudity trend!” and “A feast for the eyes, with refined and sensual elegance.”

Angie spoke about her involvement in the Women For Bees project. This initiative was launched by the French fashion house Guerlain in collaboration with UNESCO. The goal of this program is to encourage and train women while advocating for the preservation of the bee population. Jolie emphasized that even from her own home, she contributes to improving the global ecological situation.

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