Tiffany Trump Snubbed By Father On Her Birthday

Tiffany Trump, the law student and youngest daughter of former President Donald Trump, has consistently found herself in the shadows of her elder siblings within the Trump family. Despite her efforts to demonstrate her love for her father, she appears to receive little acknowledgement from him. On her birthday, the absence of a warm message from her father spoke volumes about their distant relationship.

Born into a family where her father’s attention was predominantly devoted to his older children from his first marriage, Tiffany has struggled to establish a close bond with him. While her half-siblings, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, bask in the glory of their father’s favor, Tiffany often remains on the periphery.

The stark contrast between the treatment of Tiffany and her half-siblings was brought to light on her 26th birthday, October 13, 2019. While the U.S. Navy received a hearty birthday wish from Donald Trump, his youngest daughter received no public acknowledgment from him. This was not the first time Tiffany experienced such disregard, as on her 24th birthday, she was similarly ignored by her father, while he publicly celebrated his eldest three children’s special days.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Donald Trump’s own words seemed to emphasize the “othering” of Tiffany. When asked about his favorites among his children, he immediately referenced Ivanka, praising her as “Daddy’s little girl.” Only then did he briefly mention Tiffany, whom he described as a “beautiful great kid also.” The implication was evident – Ivanka held a special place in his heart, while Tiffany was considered separate and less connected due to the circumstances of her birth.


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