All four were talented but the older brother and his partner were great!

On America’s Got Talent, a brother and sister compete to see who is the best pair of young dancers. Ruby is nine and her older brother, D’Angelo, is twelve.

D’Angelo wore a bow tie with suspenders and his partner Amanda wore a bright green dress. Amanda is thirteen years old and has been dancing with D’Angelo for six years.

Ruby’s dance partner is Jonas, who is ten years old. The siblings support each other, but of course there is a friendly rivalry between them.

D’Angelo tells Amanda that he wishes the best for his sister while hoping they mess up. On the other hand, Ruby is convinced that she will eclipse her brother.

Performance wise, Ruby and Jonas were exciting and full of flair. The young ballroom dancers surprised everyone with their skill and the crowd cheered them on all the time.

The judges loved both of their performances. They continued to the next stage of the competition, where they would continue to face each other. The compliments were not lacking for the two young couples of dancers.

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