She becomes pregnant with a stranger and appeals to find him on social networks

A woman who had a one-night stand became pregnant and lost track of the father of her future baby.

It’s a desperate call!

A young pregnant woman recently sought the help of Internet users on social networks to try to find the father of her future child, whom she has only seen once in her life.

Aged 30, this Scottish has indeed met a man with whom she had a one-night stand last summer during a stay in Spain.

After having slept together, they lost sight of each other and resumed their lives on their side.

She is desperately looking for the father of her future child, with whom she had a one-night stand
But the story took a completely different turn when the young woman discovered that she was pregnant.

She therefore launched a call, photo in support, to try to find this mysterious stranger.

” Anyone know this guy from Glasgow?” “, she asks in a viral video posted on TikTok. “ To the guy from Glasgow that I met in Tenerife on August 5 and 6, you are going to be a dad in April 2023 ”, she says in the caption.

The mother- to-be also used the hashtag #HelpMeFindHim, with which Internet users often try to find loved ones they have lost track of.

At the time of writing these few lines, her research has been in vain, but she does not lose hope.

“ I haven’t found him yet, but when my son is born in six weeks, I will do a DNA test. I am convinced that I will be able to find his trace , ”she said.

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