This Ehpad has set up a bistro in the lobby of its establishment and is a delight for residents

The Abbeville nursing home, in the Somme, had an idea like no other: install a bistro in the hall of the establishment to allow residents to meet over a drink.

It’s well known: the bistro is a very friendly place where we like to meet to chat over a drink. However, the elderly who integrate retirement homes generally no longer have access to this small pleasure. But this is not the case in the Ehpad d’Abbeville since a bistro has been installed in the hall of the establishment.

This idea is that of Laurent Douchin, a health executive in psychiatry, who decided to install a bar in a retirement home in 2016. A few years later, his project finally materialized.

“The idea was to transform this place which was quite empty and quite cold into a social place, to make it a village square where people meet, discuss, can have a drink at a bistro table. This exchange around the shot to drink, it is something which the residents do not have with their entry in institution. They never exchange money again. There, it gives the opportunity to exchange money for drinks, which is also a social place” , explained Laurent Douchin.

This bistro is a huge success and makes the residents happy, very satisfied with this novelty.

“They are just waiting for this! My colleague, who usually opens at 2 p.m., already has three or four people in front, even though it’s not even open yet. It is difficult to close the bar also in the evening, no one wants to leave” , confided Cédric Pinilo, animator and bartender.This bistro allows residents to meet and have a good time. Some chat for hours over a drink while others have fun with board games. The most enthusiastic don’t hesitate to take a few dance steps.

“We feel better. For me, it’s like vacation! It’s friendly. Since there is that, everyone lives again. People laugh, it’s not at all the same thing” , confided Hérald, resident for four years.

This novelty is also a positive point for the residents’ families, who note the beneficial effect of this bistro on their loved ones. The elderly no longer suffer from isolation and are more smiling and energetic. This is not the only activity set up by this Ehpad because this Sunday, May 14, a garage sale will be organized in the parking lot of the retirement home, to allow the elderly to meet people and enjoy a busy day.

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