A two-month-old baby suddenly spoke and became a real Internet star

When a child appears in the family, the parents look forward to the first “aha”, the first steps and the long-awaited “mommy”…

But there are such little ones who are not going to wait months, or even years, to give something like this…

Today we are going to introduce you to Roan, two months old, who has already confessed his love to his mother. Such words are rarely heard, even from a one-year-old toddler.

Like many parents, Kesia Cameron from New York often made videos with her baby. So this time the baby was caught on camera, the mother confessed her love to her son, and he listened carefully to every word.

And then suddenly the baby spoke! “I love you,” he replied to his mother. The affected parents decided to publish this video on social networks so that everyone knows their son!

Netizens were mesmerized by Roan’s abilities and showered the baby with compliments.

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