A very demanding groom. The 30-year-old Pakistani has a list of requirements for a bride-to-be.

This young man is currently only 30 years old, his name is Arbab Heather Hayat, and he is from Pakistan.

The guy was born and raised in the city of Mardan. He claims he wasn’t always so strong. At 18, he looked like a normal teenager. But then he started gaining muscle mass and strength at an incredible speed. According to unofficial data, its weight is more than 400 kg.

Large dimensions allow Khan-Baba to lift a motorcycle above his head, pull cars and even agricultural machinery, for example, a tractor with his hands. He once told reporters that he had lifted 5,000 kg above his head in a competition in Japan. Maybe, of course, I made a mistake with zero, because 500 kg somehow seems more believable.

The one place where Khan-Baba failed was in his search for a wife. Despite the 300 novels he had, only one could not be found, because he is a very demanding groom, anyway that will not suit him. It has a list of requirements for a bride, so you can narrow your search.

The first is: the girl must weigh more than 100 kilograms, the guy is afraid that if she is smaller, he will simply crush her.

Secondly: her height should be more than 190 centimeters so that the couple, in her opinion, looks harmonious.

And one more, no less important rule, a girl must be able to cook well. Since our hero eats very well. His daily diet consists of 30 eggs, 3 kilograms of meat, 5 bowls of rice and many liters of milk. Amazingly, the guy has no health issues.

Moreover, Arbab Heather Hayat is a heavyweight athlete and dreams of reaching great heights in this sport.

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