The goose comes to the animal clinic and knocks on the door: she wants to comfort her injured friend

A pond is near the New England Wildlife Center where wild geese live.

One day the goose, called Arnold, couldn’t walk. Certainly, the bird was injured. The staff managed to catch her and took her to the center’s veterinary clinic. Examining him, the vet said Arnold had an open leg fracture.

He said that probably the goose had been attacked by an animal. To save the bird’s life, surgery was needed.

The goose was prepared for intervention when something unexpected happened. The operation was about to begin when the vets heard someone knocking on the door. But it was no ordinary knock and the medical staff were surprised.

They went to open the hospital door and saw another goose, Amélia, the injured bird’s friend who had come to see her friend and comfort him.

The goose did not leave the door of the clinic until the end of the operation.

The operation was successful and Arnold needed treatment. When the bird opened its eyes, it saw its friend Amélia, who the vets allowed to visit.

Amélia came every day, since Arnold remained in the hospital for recovery.

Within a few days, vets said the bird was fine and could walk normally.

After rehabilitation, the goose returned to her pond where her friend was already waiting for her. The happy couple could swim together again.

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