99-year-old Betty White shares a moment with the brown bear Titan

Although she just celebrated her 99th birthday, legendary Betty White seems more powerful and happier than ever. There are also some common teen tasks to show everyone that age is just a number.

Recently, a famous actress posed next to a giant bear and even kissed it. Betty White, among America’s most beloved comics, is also known for her love of pets.

Her love and kindness for animals has made her one of the most notorious animal rights activists in the world. She has volunteered for the Los Angeles Zoo and the Morris Animal Foundation for over 40 years. From the smallest kittens and puppies to huge bears, Betty loves them all from the bottom of her heart.

Recently, a 99-year-old woman hit the bull’s eye with a beautiful moment she shared with a brown bear named BamBam, among the residents of the Los Angeles Zoo. The scene was the purest kind of love humans and giant monsters can share, but she admits Betty was quite nervous at first.

“That was the scariest stitch I’ve ever made,” she claimed. “In fact, it was pleasant, but it was a difficulty. On the other hand, I really am the happiest puppy in the world. I work half my life with my favorite job and the other half with pets.

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