Sudden death of actress and singer Nathalie Fauran at the age of 38

The family of actress and singer Nathalie Fauran has confirmed the sad news of her death on Monday. She was only 38 years old.

Sad news for all French Disney fans. One of the voices that gave life to some cult characters in the Disney universe died Monday at the age of 38, announced the local Corsican site Stampa Paese .

If the causes of the death of the singer and actress Nathalie Fauran have not been revealed by our colleagues, they specify that she “fought with strength and courage against the disease, until the moment when she closed the eyes to join the angels”.

“ Our little mermaid with an angelic smile went to join the stars leaving behind her the image of a very talented artist with an angelic smile and a velvet voice.

“, they add to pay tribute to the one who made a name for herself by lending her voice to Melody for The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Ocean after winning a national competition organized by Disney to double the daughter of Ariel and of Prince Eric.

The Disney adventure will continue a few years later for another cult cartoon sequel. Nathalie Fauran is indeed chosen to double one of the characters of Peter Pan 2: return to the imaginary country.

The singer, who began to perform on the Corsican stages when she was only in college, collaborated with Michel Mallory, lyricist of Johnny Hallyday before signing a contract in 2004 with Universal Music AZ.

A first album called  Instinct  was released in the stores in stride and she performed everywhere in France, sometimes alongside music stars such as Mickaël Jones, Patrick Fiori and Gilbert Montagné. Backing vocalist for certain artists, she has also lent her voice for the credits of television series or even for the dressing of the antenna of France 3.

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