This kind man saved three foxes and adopted them: they will always be together

In Ireland, in County Kilkenny lives a fantastic man with his three foxes.

In 2014 Gibbon told the Irish Examiner he had never thought of having a fox as a pet: “First I looked after Grainne as he was too small and only seven weeks old.

My brother had found it around Columba Hospital in Thomastown.”

The cub was very thin and very weak. He might not survive. Gibbons took him to the vet who gave him advice.

He looked after the fox very carefully and luckily the baby recovered.

Some time later, a woman from the same area picked up a very small month-old fox and brought it to Gibbons, as the man already knew how to care for baby foxes.

So Minne kept Grainne company.

And finally, Henry arrived to complete Gibbons’ famous trio of foxes.

Henri was injured due to being attacked by a dog. After treating his injuries, Gibbons couldn’t let go of this little fox too.

Gibbons adores his three foxes and can’t imagine his life without them.

He was even invited to the local school so that the pupils got to know the foxes and listen to their stories.

Now Gibons and his foxes are known not only throughout the country. Granny from the UK being asked for advice.

“I am not a specialist, but I am happy to explain what I know. I’m glad I can help people,’ he told The Irish Examiner.

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